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About The Comic

Ninja X premiered on May 2018 at the Vancouver Comic Art Festival (VanCAF) with a 46 page issue. 

Chapters 2 to 5 were released later with 24 pages each.

The first 5 chapters are now compiled in a single 150 page volume.

The book is half letter size (8.5 inch high, 5.5 inch wide) and printed in smooth matte paper, so that children can read it under any light without worrying about reflections or fingerprints. 

They are easy to carry in any purse or backpack and the letters are big and clear enough for anyone to read.

You have the option to buy a pdf file that you can read in any electronic device, or in print form which will be signed and mailed to your home. 

For the pdf files, just choose the best option for you and send us an e-mail with your order and preferred payment method. 

For the printed volume please refer to our online store

We accept Interac E-transfer, PayPal and Credit Card.

Posters and Paintings

We also have some oil paintings and posters available for sale online and at conventions. 

Oil Paintings= $30

Posters= $10

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